Anxious because you’ve never done anything like this before? Don’t be. We cater for all.

WBC’s training is for beginner level upwards, it caters for those who have never trained boxing and fitness and those who may have some experience.

We offer two types of training; group sessions and 121 sessions

Group Sessions

The group sessions consist of a group of women training together, led and guided by the coaches. The group sessions are great for both anyone new and existing in the sport. It’s a fantastic environment to train, keep fit, learn a new sport and meet new people.


The 121 sessions are with one of our qualified male or female boxing coaches. The coach works with an individual on all forms of boxing and fitness and helps them achieve their personal goals and enhance their development. This ranges from those who have never boxed and those who wish to further excel and exceed in their boxing ability.

Both types of training consist of varied sessions to keep you motivated and engaged. The training consists of:

  • Boxing basics
  • Cardio
  • Circuits
  • Weights
  • Bag work
  • Pad work
  • Sparring

Not every woman joins WBC to fight, and that’s ok. You choose the intensity you train at. If you want to get in the ring, spar or compete to fight the training is ready and available and when the time comes you would be in the trusted hands of the coaches to be matched with an opponent of similar weight and ability. And if you just want to keep fit that’s absolutely fine too, so everyone’s a winner.


WBC coaches also train others in a variety of different organisations and settings such as schools, universities, performing arts etc. WBC also offer team building days and work events. If you would like to discuss further or book, please contact us.

(Some pictures courtesy of Sunday Mercury & Jaskirt Photography )