Meet the girls

The initial first session may seem daunting and a little nerve wracking just like the first step with everything in life. However, with a fantastic bunch of girls, making everyone feel welcome, supporting one another, having a good time together, building strong bonds and friendships its no time before you fit right in.

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Name: Dianna Louise Christie (Dynamite Di)

“It’s the only form of fitness and training i love  and will stick to. Fantastic club, great people. You always come away from a  session feeling like you’ve worked hard”



nadinebName: Nadine Beckford (Nadine Queen B)

“It’s a challenge that takes you on a journey to know your limits, and push past them”



joanneName: Joanne Riordan (Ricky)

“It makes you strong in mind and body. I love training and i love all the people i train with, we have become very good friends”



faizaName: Faiza Akram (Fizzypop)

“Duck and dive, bob and weave. I CAN do this. Great atmosphere and incredible support from all. You should see me now, that  ‘shell’ has been removed…this girl can and this girl will!”



roxName: Roxana Nachif (Foxy Roxy)

“Its a journey that helps you discover your inner as well as outer strength and you gain a new family whilst on this journey”






Name: Maryam Abdi (Baby Bear)

“A place that allows you to work at your own pace, have fun and make great friends along the way. WBC works with you to  achieve your ultimate goal”



Name: Berni Mulcahy

“Anything is achievable with WBC, it brings out the determination you thought you never had”



Name: Kam PallKAM

“WBC has helped me gain my self confidence. Improved my fitness level and it is the only sport i enjoy”



theresaName: Teresa Lee-Keow

“WBC pushes me that little bit further when I think I have no more to give, which makes me be better than my best. Teaches you  to be smart and most importantly to LISTEN”



debbieName: Deborah Powell (Dangerous Debbie)

“WBC has helped me with my weight loss and self esteem and given me a focus. I’ve learnt a new sport and slowly improved my  fitness level”



vickyName: Vicky Louise Shah

“WBC has proved me wrong in my own capabilities.. A great set up full of motivation – I have never been fitter!” (Vicky)





avName: Shalainer Anderson (Avatar)

“WBC is more than just a boxing club, it enables you to develop mental, physical, and emotional strength, as part of a family of  warriors”

Nchanteleame: Chantelle E Pringz (Hairbear)

 “WBC has given me a new found passion, focus and drive to improve my health and fitness. It’s warm and welcoming and your    able to get an ab work out by just laughing”