Aero Kickaero kick logo
Bissell Street,
Birmingham, B5 7HP


2186 – 2190 Coventry Road,
Birmingham, B26 3JG





Phone Numbers

Jason Lowe 07813186301
Mav Akram 07545871020

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18 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I am interested in starting boxing! Wat days and times are the classes? how much are the classes? and do i need to buy gloves, gumshield etc before i come to a class?


    • Hi Jade, thats great. If you go onto the classes page all the sessions and times are all listed. The classes at Aero Kick are £2.50 and at Pat Benson £3.00. You don’t need to buy them to begin with. Give us a shout if you have any questions. Thanks.


  2. Very interested in starting to keep fit with classes I would be a complete beginner in boxing which would be the best class for that


  3. Hi there, my name is Shannon & I’m turning 18 soon, I was wondering if I could take part in the wbc & how much it would be each session? can’t wait to hear your reply so I can get started with this activity☺️


  4. Hiya, i’m interested in taking some lessons, can i just pop in and join straight away or would i have to sign up beforehand? Also what are the pricing it doesn’t say on the “classes” tab? Let me know 🙂


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